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[03 May 2004|02:23pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi there!

I’m a student in Psychology and Education at Penn State, trying to get some early information for a study-to-be.  Right now, I’m just collecting data to get a feel for the kinds of answers I’ll get by using certain questions (so i can set up a good questionairre for the actual study) and anything you’d send to me would be totally confidential.  I’ve set up a survey with some questions about reading motivation in your kids and your reading behaviors at home.  If you have the time, I’d be thrilled to hear from you!  Thank you so much!

PS:  also, i'm sorry if this isn't allowed in this community, i wasn't certain - feel free to delete me if it's not allowed here.


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New to this community [28 Jan 2004|09:51am]

Hello everyone... I'm a new father of a amazing, cute, smart... (I could go on and on) 6 month old baby boy named Jack (pics can be seen here: As a new father I find that I don't relate to people without children like before. I feel like I'm at a different stage in my life and kind of get annoyed when around them.

While a lot of my friends and I got married around the same time, my wife and I are the first to have a child. I wonder if we were the first to get married if I would have felt the same way. Most 26 year old males aren't even married, so fatherhood isn't even in the cards. Anyone else experience this, or is this just me being antisocial?

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Hello would introduce myself [26 Jan 2004|06:30pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello to all. My name is Eric and I am the proud father of 3 yr old Keegan and 8 month old Shaylah. I would like to say its good to find other fathers that will have advice on raising your special loved ones. Well this is my introduction you all have a good one.


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[22 Sep 2003|09:31pm]

National Day to Empower Teen Parents Message Board

Everyone here needs to join this :)
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[18 Jul 2003|11:26am]

This community deserves alot more fathers to be posting!
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1st Entry [23 Jan 2003|02:06pm]

During the process of my daughter being born, I came to the stark realization just how important fathers are in a child's life. Then I checked in LiveJournal and saw that there were all types of communities for mothers but there were none for the Dads. So I came up with this one.
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